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Soak rice, black gram dal and chana dal separately for 4 hours. Grind all together by adding water and till it becomes very fine paste. Batter should not be very thick. It is like semi liquid. Add salt. Keep the batter for whole night. Next day add turmeric powder chopped onions, green chillies and finely cut tomatoes to the batter.

Oni Rice
Cook rice seperately. Cut onions into thin long slices. Heat oil in a pan to season with mustard and cumin seeds. Add chopped chilies. Add cut onions, fry until onion is light brown in color Add green peas. Pour little water and add Sambar masala. Allow the mixture to boil till the mixture is dry.

Chinese Upma
Heat oil put mustard seeds chiliesonion and fry until onion is golden brown, Add tomato pury and mix well and put Turmeric. Add water & salt in the mixture

Milk Chocolate -- a Sweet, Delicious Trend
No matter the occasion or season, love of chocolate is universal. America's cocoa worship continues to grow and, despite a down economy, people are treating themselves to a small luxury with premium chocolates.

Bread Tadaka Sandwitch
Cut the crest of the bread on all four sides. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds.Add turmeric powder and coriander powder and mix well.

Egg Attack
Heat the oil / ghee in a frying pan and fry the onions till golden brown. Add the salt, chili, coconut, coriander, ginger, tomato paste and lemon juice and fry for about 5 minutes. peel the shell and cut the hard boiled eggs into half lengthways.

Bread Menia
* Heat oil put mustard seeds, chilies and curry leaves , * put peas, stir it, fry well, * Put breadcrums inside the mixture after 10 minutes, * stir and cover it and heat it for 10 mins. * Add coconut , lemon juice ,mix well and serve hot.

Paneer Chilly
Mix the flour, cornflour and salt with water enough to make thin paste. Apply the paste to the Paneer cubes. Get the oil in the pan and fry the paneer cubes till golden brown. In another pan fry ginger, garlic, and onions.

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