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Why Should We Not Celebrate Valentine's Day
From a harmless, common celebration of love, the concept of Valentine's Day has changed since a few years. A political issue, an emotional issue and a rights issue, all adjectives have been added to this harmless little celebration of love.

New Year Resolutions
The New Year has many traditions attached to it in many cultures. However, one common tradition that comes with the New Year is New Year resolutions.New Year resolutions are something that almost everyone thinks about, many people plan about, and a very few percentage of people actually adhere and are successful.

FireFox- The Giant Killer
This is not an article that is bashing Microsoft. Bill Gates and Microsoft have been instrumental in making the computer a personal entertainment and information system. How? Exactly how many you know who use computers on an every day basis have the bandwidth to actually remember the simple COPY command from DOS? So, all of us, collectively, should be thankful to Microsoft.

Orkut: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
If chat on the internet brought people together, social networking very well plunged them together into a can like sardines. Social networking, better known as the next big thing on the Internet, is finally here, with various kinds of people taking various kinds of advantages and disadvantages.

In Search of the God
"Does God exist?" is the most popular question in our mind. Whenever I sit alone, I try to find the answer to this question and every time I get more and more confused. Today I will try to get answer by steps. So letís start from the origin of the universe.

Sexual Harassment At The Workplace
Almost 60 % of women in India are suffering from sexual harassment at work place. And many women were silent or unaware about issue of sexual harassment at work place .Employees are not only face stress and tension politics at work place , but sexual harassment is also major problem that most of the employees face.

Search Engine Optimization and Morals: Walking the Thin Line In Between
However, with Search Engine Optimization, this has changed. Proof has time and again proved that only SEO does not a successful website make. There has to be proper concept and implementation of the concept so that the website becomes a success.

Television : More Of An Idiot Box
Television is really becoming a need for people especially for young ones. Young generation can't stay without television. Television has both sides - negative as well as positive. The use and misuse of television is completely depend on how human being use it .

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