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Kites - a seriously boring movie
In short, director director Anurag Basu gives a seriously boring movie which is not helped by a storyline that is dug out from the canisters that were lost and forgotten back in the eighties. A movie about unrequited love in Las Vegas that lasts a bit too long for you to digest. Watch the movie if you want to see pretty Barbara Mori – she is beautiful.

Remember Me - Review
The movie Remember Me is actually a story of two families, each having lost a member of their family and how they find support in each other’s arms.The acting is average though Robert Pattinson gives his best.

With Ram Gopal Varma facing a lot of flak about his earlier movies, some considered this movie to be his make or break movie. Of course, much was expected from a person who has given us movies like 'Shiva', 'Satya' and 'Bhoot'. Read this quick review to find out whether RGV won in this "Rann'. Rann is basically a story of several people who are at war, with themselves, with others, with their morals and their ethics.

Striker is a film that is made for the Indian audiences, or at least for the Indian who would want some resource material to make a foreigner understand what the urban culture of India is all about. The main protagonist of the movie is a board game called Carrom, which has never really been quite popular in the mainstream world. But, in India, Carrom was a game back in the seventies and eighties that could be compared to the Monopolys, and the first handheld video games.

Delhi 6
Well, keeping in mind that Mehra had a daunting task, a task that he himself had set, we can say that delhi 6 is a good repartee to his first movie, Rang De Basanti.

Mumbai Meri Jaan
What does this movie speak about? Well, as the name and promos suggest, the movie speaks about the life of four people, which changed forever after the bomb blasts that rocked the train bogeys. Of them one is the news anchor who finds tragedy knocking at her own door, and the newspapermen trying to clamor through her home window for the so called 'byte'.

Maan Gaye Mughall_e_Azam
Movies like this run a risk of losing their soul and direction within the first few minutes, or even till the interval. Of course, there will be several who will say that this movie is akin to ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron’, which people think is a sure shot recipe for success. They shouldn’t forget other movies like ‘Peecha Karon’.

The Incredible Hulk
I dread watching superhero movies. I mean, I have watched almost all superhero movies with great interest and excitement, but once I saw Superman Returns, I could see how a person could massacre a concept. Anyway, whenever I hear about a superhero movie, I wonder whether it would be as good as Spider Man 3 or will it ravage the fan boy in me like Superman Returns.

Jodha Akbar
Apart from the crisp acting from almost everyone in the movie, what has to lauded is the sets, the attires and the entire atmosphere of an era long forgotten – the Mughal Era. Also, this may be one of the first Indian movies to actually have an authentic looking medieval Indian dresses, not something hooked out from Maganlal Dresswala.

John Rambo
With almost every major movie franchise giving a reprise to their highly successful concepts of the seventies and eighties, it was only far to flick the dust off the Rambo bravado and bring him into the public eye. After Sylvester Stallone turned out to be highly successful in reprising the Rocky series with 'Rocky Balboa', he was looking for being second time lucky with John Rambo.

Om Shanti Om: Breaking The Fourth Wall Nicely
Factual inaccuracies, over-the-top acting, and logical loopholes, all that and more, but even then, Om Shanti Om is like that rascal whom everyone doesn't like but still enjoys spending time with.Maybe the movie with the biggest hype, the 'only-SRK' starrer Om Shanti Om has actually swept india off its feet and has confirmed Shah Rukh Khan to be the one and only King Khan

Ms. Unbelievable Meets Mr. Unbearable - Jab We Met
When I heard the 'OOOh..' from the seats behind as Shahid Kapoor's face engrossed the entire 70 MM in front of me, I should have known what I was in for. This was a cute movie - I will not denigrate the market for which such movies are made, but I can tell you, these movies are not for me.

Ghost on the Dance Floor: Bhool Bhulaiya
When Bhool Bhulaiya first came around, it was evident that it would be a mad cap caper about something related to the occult. It was also evident that the movie would be a comedy, like other Priyadarshan movies.This movie is faultless. Right from the first frame to the last frame. This is one movie which you will spend days and nights trying to find something wrong in the movie.

Johnny Gaddar - Not A Caper Movie
There are many misconceptions about Johnny Gaddar. One, the movie is a caper movie. I repeat, it is not a caper movie. It may be a thriller, it may be a money movie, but it is definitely not a caper movie.

Movie Review: The Kingdom
After 9/11, Hollywood found new war zone and that's The Middle East. Though The Kingdom is not about Iraq, it is about it's neighbor Saudi Arabia. This time the target of the terrorist attack is a USA base in Riyadh.

Maid In Manhattan
Everyone loves a 'feel good movie'. There are of course, two types of feel good movies.'Maid In Manhattan' is another feel good movie, which left me in a confused state. You see, the movie had all the ingredients to make it a benchmark in Hollywood, but it did not even grasp a percent of the concept the movie had.

Movie Review: Dhamaal
Dhamaal is a laugh riot from the start to the end. It is crisp and sharp, with a good storyline. A storyline as good as this acts as a perfect stage for some of the better gags seen in Indian movies in a long time.

Movie Review - Disturbia
Disturbia is teen suspense movie flick with some teen romance, some teen fun and some adult thrill. Well! you definitely get some fun when your neighborhood has girl of your dreams and a serial killer.Disturbia definitely makes you enjoy your Pop Corn and that's what you expect from teen movie...Don't you?

Chak De India: Shah Rukh's Two and a half Hours
Two and a half hours, I have two and a half hours.I think, these may be the most important two and a half hours of mine in this film industry. Whether I act good or bad, the whole world will already be up in arms against me.

Smoke Makes You Cry, Aag Makes You Die
The next time someone does tell you to give one example about how Indians are like frogs in a well who don't come outside themselves and pull the leg of anyone else coming up, give them Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag as an example. So, here goes my review of Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag.

Maqbool : India's Macbeth
Maqbool takes terrible risks with narrative devices so it will be liked by all patrons of good cinema However, the movie might not have much to exult when it comes to small territories and towns and audience who love traditional Indian masala.

Cult Movie: Satya
The big hearted crook, the thief who was never caught, the young kid who took up a life of crime, punished the evil doers, went to prison for a stint and then came back to a loving family - all these characters took a beating when Ram Gopal Varma came up with his mirror to the crime industry - Satya.

Cult Movie: Sarkar
'Sarkar', starring Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and what are said to be a benchmark in their acting careers, was loosely based on many real and fictional situations and characters. The movie had a striking resemblance to the life of times of a politician in Mumbai, while some of the situations in the movie were directly taken from the 'Godfather'.

Why the World Didn't Need Superman Returns
I watched the Bryan Singer helmed 'Superman Returns', I was playing Blizzard and Sunsoft's 90's arcade scroller 'Death and Return of Superman'. Yeah, such small coincidences happen in the bigger picture, but we shall go onto that some other time.

Stylized Criminals: Agneepath
The number of novels, movies, comics and now video games that have been made on crime and criminals is huge. Like every country have their own religions and culture, they have their own criminals too. If Italy and the whole world had the Mafioso and 'The Godfather', India had 'Agneepath'.

Movie Review-Jhankar Beats
The director Sujoy Ghosh has created magic with Jhankar Beats. With his unique ways and some “chance pe dance” dialogues we get three hours of unique fun.It has the relationship of three friends and then there is the music competition “ Jhankaar Beats”.

The Omen
‘The Omen’ which is also known as ‘The Omen 666’ was realsed on June 6, 2006, the date representing the number of the beast as it is the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year representing 666. Director John Moore decided to give his touch to omen and he did it quite well with the new techniques of film making.

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