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Role of Emotions in Advertising
The world (government) that we live in is made of the people, by the people, for the people. This simple but powerful statement that we have learned in our beautiful old school days is not merely for understanding the nations political background but also for understand the much complex, interrelated and interdependent society at large.

Destination Customer
The story may be anything, but one thing is clear that the modern retailers and the 'Beniyas' can co-exist in a country like India to serve different customers by providing the required utility value and catering to their desires. Everybody is looking towards you "The Customer" and is willing you to do all those things which will keep you happy (make you spend).

Language in Cross Cultural Advertising
Advertising copy, in any language, is designed to catch the public attention with appealing messages, together with attractive imagery. But advertisers sometimes lose sight of the fact that sales of a product will suffer if advertising copy intended for use in foreign country is improperly translated.

There Is Something Behind The Successful Email Marketing Campaign
Due to the anti-spam campaign, the e-mailers often fail to achieve the goals. Most of the e-mailers do not reach to the inboxes and even if they reach, the readers ignore it most of the time. So really the email marketing has become the tough task.

The Death Of The Brand
Few days ago, I read a good blog about the Mortality of the Brand . The author has given two reasons for the demise of the brand.But are these only two reasons for the demise of the brand?

Brand Checkbook
It just works as your personal checkbook which has credits and debits. Brand Credits are business activities which puts the positive impact on the reputation of a brand while Brand Debits are those that puts negative impact the reputation of the brand.

Surfing On The Tide
HLL has hit the two birds in one stone. They tried to stop the Tide and Ariel together in move. The entry of the Tide Bar was the direct challenge to HLL's dominance in the the detergent bar market.

How to avoid 'SPAM' tag on email marketing campaign?
Last decade has seen the enormous growth of the Internet. As the number of Netizens grew, email marketing has become an increasingly popular medium. Email marketing is used by businesses all around the globe

Nike: Just Don't Do It!
Nike's 'Just Do It' campaign was made to capture the corporate philosophy of grit, determination and passion and the most importantly the ads made in were garnished with humor.

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