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Revital GFI - Online Reality Show
BIGADDA has started Revital Get Fit India, co-presented by Equal. Get Fit India, (also known as) GFI, is supposed to be the world's first fitness reality show on the web. It's similar to reality TV show The Biggest Looser.

Google Buzz - Will it really buzz
Google Buzz is supposedly a Facebook killer, and an Orkut alternative, which allows a person to sign onto a service using their Gmail account. The person can then follow people who they have shared their email addresses with, basically people who are on their network.

VoIP: Your Business Resource
Communication has become the most important aspect of Business. With communication gaining such kind of importance, there are several options that one has today if they wish to pursue communication with their clients. One such resource for Business is VoIP, or voice over internet protocol

Bookmark your favorite road
Planes and trains may have their place in our society, but for the dedicated traveler there's still nothing like getting in your car and taking a trip along

Second Life:The 360 Degrees of Chat
Second Life is not a complete product, and there are enhancements through patches coming in almost on a monthly basis. But go to Second Life and try it once. It is a experience that one should not miss - the experience of what the Internet will soon be - three hundred and sixty degrees of a pure, refined new world.

Orkut: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
If chat on the internet brought people together, social networking very well plunged them together into a can like sardines. Social networking, better known as the next big thing on the Internet, is finally here, with various kinds of people taking various kinds of advantages and disadvantages.

There Is Something Behind The Successful Email Marketing Campaign
Due to the anti-spam campaign, the e-mailers often fail to achieve the goals. Most of the e-mailers do not reach to the inboxes and even if they reach, the readers ignore it most of the time. So really the email marketing has become the tough task.

Internet banking - The need of The Time
The amount of enhancement the internet has had since the past few years has certainly made it a safe place to carry out business transactions. Internet banking is one such service used by almost everyone in the world today.Surely, the Internet Banking is one another service which will keep the couch potato on their couch.

Worm that Bans Orkut
"Orkut is banned you fool, The administrators didn't write this program guess who did?? MUHAHAHA!!" Do you see this alert message with scary laughter when you try to open! Do not worry!

Etiquette 2.0: A Guide to Online Manners
New laws about online harassment have put online bullying center stage in the headlines recently. While much of the recent news focuses on adolescents and teenagers being bullied on the Internet instead of the playground, the problem of online bullying transcends age. It can affect anyone participating in blogs, social networks or even those using e-mail.

Blackle: One More Step to Save Energy
The world is facing energy crisis and people are trying to innovate new techniques to save energy. One of such effort is This is actually the first good step from the world which runs on Power to save the power and every one should welcome it.

E-file Taxes -- It's Private and Secure
According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the number of electronically filed tax returns surpassed a record in 2007 when nearly 80 million tax returns were e-filed. But just how secure is the IRSí e-file system?

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