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Ascent Matcher
Ascent Matcher is a Recruitment Management Software which automates the recruitment process through a single window and brings in efficiencies, saving at least 60-75% of recruitment time for shortlisting candidates. The salient features of Ascent Matcher are:

The Most Important Interview Tips
Interview is opportunity to sell yourself i.e. Your competencies to the company. During the period of interview you get chance to prove yourself in front of interviewer. So here are some tips for the same:

The Power of Procrastination
But can procrastination ever be positive? Can procrastination help you succeed in life? Is procrastination the missing ingredient in achieving that elusive promotion?

Sexual Harassment At The Workplace
Almost 60 % of women in India are suffering from sexual harassment at work place. And many women were silent or unaware about issue of sexual harassment at work place .Employees are not only face stress and tension politics at work place , but sexual harassment is also major problem that most of the employees face.

Decoding Job Ad Jargon
Job ads have a jargon all their own, and understanding what employers are - and are not - actually asking for can better your chances of scoring an interview. Here are some tips on terminology and how to leverage your understanding of an ad into a solid cover letter, customized resume and - ultimately - an in-person interview.

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Grasshopper at the bar

A grasshopper walks into a bar and sits down. The bartender comes up to him and notices the grasshopper. "Hey, we have a drink named after you!" said the bartender. 'You have a drink named Norman!?' said the grasshopper.

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