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IAS Entrance preparation
IAS is the most reputed and sought after post in India. To get selected in such a highly reputed examination candidates give their sweat and blood. Selection in the IAS entrance examination implies high reputation, a fixed and one of the highest pay scales, high responsibilities and a very high social status. To be able to receive the above, one has to give his heart and soul to get the entrance exam clear.

Destination Customer
The story may be anything, but one thing is clear that the modern retailers and the 'Beniyas' can co-exist in a country like India to serve different customers by providing the required utility value and catering to their desires. Everybody is looking towards you "The Customer" and is willing you to do all those things which will keep you happy (make you spend).

Entrepreneur to Enterprise
Everyone at least once must be thinking of being their own boss. But this may or may not be possible due to various reasons. And the most obvious question that would come to a curious mind is whether the saying that "great entrepreneurs as great leaders and great men are born and are not build" is correct. I am yet to discover any black and white answer for this and I am still waiting….. Richard Branson (Owner of Virgin group)as in his best seller "Screw It Lets Do It", would always say that start things on a smaller scale and then expand it.

The Power of Procrastination
But can procrastination ever be positive? Can procrastination help you succeed in life? Is procrastination the missing ingredient in achieving that elusive promotion?

Corporate Mission Statement
The corporate mission statement looks simple but it tells almost everything about the company : It's business, it's customers, it's values, it's business, it's future business. Mission statements gives the frame work to the company's vision.

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"Every person finds his/her own vision for life initially. When people see their own creative power, they are unafraid to dream, to look beyond what they thought were personal limitations, to imagine a new future, to take risks, to find renewed hope and trust in their own ideas."

Judy Sedgeman