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What You Should Know Before Buying a Smart Phone
Buying a smartphone can be overwhelming there are a lot of different options, and each phone combines a lot of different features. So before you head out to your local big box electronics store, here are a few things that might make it a little bit easier on you

Motorola V3i
From a fashion accessory to a pretty good mobile, the Motorola v3i has come a long way. The v3i may be one of the most famous of the Motorola mobiles till date. What has turned a mobile into a status symbol for a cross section of consumers is worth thinking about.

Microsoft Surface
Some say Microsoft has missed the bus many a times in the world of the Internet and Software. However, this is one claimed product which may set every other IT giant, even Google, back by a gazillion years if Microsoft really comes up with it quickly enough - Microsoft Surface.

Just when we thought we had the ultimate in portable music, there came the iPod. The iPod may have been one of the hottest selling electronic product in recent times. And just when we thought that we had seen everything in mobile communications, we saw the iPhone.

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