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Don't be tricked out of money by the grandparent scam
Grandparents across the country are falling victim to a new and surprisingly effective scam: In what's known as the "grandparent scam," calls often come late in the night, and the callers are in a panic, saying that they're in an emergency situation, like a car accident or having been arrested. Posing as grandchildren, the con artists often beg their victims not to call their "parents," and ask them to transfer money as quickly as possible.

Advice for Entrepreneurs in an Uncertain Economy
The news ticker on the TV at the gym shows the dollar falling, the morning paper forecasts economic doubt, and the economic outlook appears to be dreary everywhere you turn. While it may seem counter-intuitive, business experts will tell you that now is a great time for entrepreneurs looking to start a new business. Often, times like these are when fortunes are made.

Get More from Your Credit Card
As we move closer to what will be a virtually cashless society, the number of ways we will be able to use credit will continue to increase. This trend underscores the importance of selecting the right kind of credit card that offers the features, tools, services and rewards that are designed around the specific ways you choose to use credit.

Internet banking - The need of The Time
The amount of enhancement the internet has had since the past few years has certainly made it a safe place to carry out business transactions. Internet banking is one such service used by almost everyone in the world today.Surely, the Internet Banking is one another service which will keep the couch potato on their couch.

Disadvantages of a Credit Card
It is important to be clear that a credit card, in itself, does not have any disadvantages. However, it is only because of people marketing them in unethical ways and people using them as if there is no tomorrow that makes it one of the greatest disadvantageous services in the new world. Here are some credit card disadvantages

E-file Taxes -- It's Private and Secure
According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the number of electronically filed tax returns surpassed a record in 2007 when nearly 80 million tax returns were e-filed. But just how secure is the IRSí e-file system?

Tips to Earn Extra Money and Stretch Your Dollar
With items like gas and groceries at record highs, it seems that virtually everyone is feeling the crunch from the increased cost of living. Many American families have been re-evaluating their budgets and contemplating ways to increase cash flow and still enjoy time with their nearest and dearest.

How to Avoid Losing Your Home to Foreclosure
Over the past year, we've been inundated with daily headlines about the growing foreclosure crisis. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners have lost their homes to foreclosure, with speculation among housing industry experts that an additional 1 million may lose their homes within the coming year.

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