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Magic Had A Name Once: Mandrake
Long before the mutants had conquered the world of superheroes, there was one such person who had little or no supernatural powers, and defeated enemies with his mere mortal talents. He wasn't any friendly neighborhood neighbor who was just useful in finding out who colored the community pool water, he had enemies, arch enemies, super villains and such He was Mandrake the Magician.

The Legend of Phantom: Caves of Engineering Marvel
Back when mutants were so futuristic that comic books shied away from them, the jungles and the wildlife was a great haven for creative superheroes. Of course, the writers had just to look at what Edgar Rice Burroughs had done with 'Tarzan', to be sure enough of creating a superhero of the Jungles.

How bad, or how could be a yellow, green and red clad pipsqueak of an acrobat be in the comic world? Well, so bad that he has a continuing comic book after himself ever since 1940. And of course, to have a 1-900 call poll whether he should be finished off or not. Quite in the hot seat, our Robin has been, ever since he first made an appearance in the Star Spangled Banner comics as Robin the Boy Wonder in Detective Comics #38.

James Bond
In 1953, author Ian Fleming gave birth to James Bond, a fictional British spy in the novel 'Casino Royale'. May be at that time he did not know that the legend is born. The novel got huge success which prompted a series of the adventures of the spy and consequently a number of movies.

He Man - Heroes Bygone: Before the Long long Ago...
Before people got confused whether the world that they were living in was the real deal or was the Alternate Universe, the Marvel Universe was the real deal, there were a couple of superhero, cartoon and comic/comic strip characters that didn't dare to come out of the newsprint, or the television. The all encompassing hold of fantasy and fiction was not even born at the times these heroes were around, and therefore were strictly fun.

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