Keep the Pet, Eliminate the Odor

(ARA) - There is nothing like the smell of wet dog in a hot car. For pet owners who love their pets, this is something that goes along with owning a dog who likes to swim, roll in puddles, or even just get wet from the rain. You just put up with it, right? You dont have to. There is a solution.

First-time pet owners are sometimes surprised by pet odors and how stinky pets can be. This is a major cause of pet abandonment. Puppies and kittens are little and cute at first, but as they grow and the realization sets in that you have a large (or small) critter who occupies your house, depositing hair, dragging in dirt, debris and sometimes dead birds or rodents from outside, and sometimes other unwanted problems, like a pup not being fully potty trained, or the necessity of cleaning the litter box frequently, pets are abandoned.

Pet abandonment leads to incredibly high numbers of unwanted dogs and cats left on the streets to fend for themselves and who often end up in animal shelters. Some of these animals are adopted into loving homes, and sometimes they are euthanized. This is awfully sad and can be avoided with proper education for the owner and thorough training for the pet.

While some pet habits are difficult to adjust as they are natural, inbred traits of animals, pet odors can be eliminated, easily, safely and effectively. Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizers for Stinky Pets, are natural odor eliminators. You apply to fabric, pet bed, litter box, carpet -- even sprayed directly on your pet (its that safe), and odors are gone.

Created by OMI Industries -- Fresh Wave odor eliminating products are non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable, and dont contain harmful VOCs or any harsh chemicals. Tested according to United States EPA guidelines for toxicity, data from independent laboratories and researchers proves that the Fresh Wave formula is effective for all kinds of odors and is safe for humans, animals and the environment.

I love my dog dearly, and had resolved that I would have a smelly car. I found Fresh Wave and keep a small bottle of the spray in the car to use it after Caseys been in there. Youd never know I had a dog in my car -- especially a wet one, exclaims Miriam Lambertz, dog owner of Minneapolis, Minn.

Fresh Wave products eliminate odors by electrostatically attracting the odor molecules, capturing them and neutralizing them -- leaving you with a natural smelling, odor-free environment.

Eliminating pet odors creates owners that want to keep their pets, and overall happier pet owners everywhere. Loyal pet people take their pets everywhere -- on summer vacations in the RV, in the tent, staying in hotels or with friends -- and with an environmentally safe odor eliminator you can bring your dog anywhere and not worry about any odors that might be left behind.

And if your dog should come face-to-face with a skunk on a camping trip, you know who loses -- whoever has to sleep in the tent with him. Give pooch a good bath to remove any remaining skunk scent; then spray the Fresh Wave on and the skunk smell is gone. Fresh Wave has a fresh, clean scent until its dry -- then its gone, and so is the stink.

To find Fresh Wave products within barking distance from you, log on to or call (800) 662-6367 to order.

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