Open Office: It's Free

For some, its manna from heaven, for others, it's an irritation that surpasses all other irritations in the software field, but mostly, it is one of the best options for Microsoft Office -Open Office.

When Open Office was first released a few years back, it was quite an impossible software to believe. A whole word processing software, freely downloadable on the Internet? Just could not be. But it was, and how!

Open Office had its own set of the Writer, the Calc, the Math and the Impress, which could open .doc, .xls and .ppt files. It had complete support for all the files that would and could be made on MS Office. Like every other open source software, Open Office had and still has many glitches, but it is a boon for many in the software world.

Firstly, small offices and companies can use Open Office, instead of buying expensive Microsoft software. Second, third, developing and developed countries, who have just come into the IT market, simply do not have the resources to buy a Microsoft product, and are therefore opting out for open source software.

Further, Open Office is a complete software, in the sense that it also has its own upgrade facility, which provides for any new technology or update that is critical or necessary for the software to work properly. In fact, Open Office and Microsoft Office do not have much of a difference today, other than some small formatting problems, particularly when it comes to the copy/paste function in Open Office.

However, none of these problems are something that can stop the giant strides open source and Open Office is taking in the software market, and today, it simply remains a psychological battle of the user between a software they have been using for ten years and a free open source software.

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Open Office: It's Free

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Open Office: It's Free