Exam Preparation Tips for Parents

Exams are around the corner, and it is not only students but also their parents who are equally in an anxiety state and concerned about their child’s performance during the exam. 

No doubt, students have to put their best efforts during this the most important phase of academic year, but parents also have an important role to play. The key to success in exam is planning that applies to both parents and students. 

Parents can make an effective revision plan for their child and studying method so that they can make best use of their time without being tensed. 

Given below are some of the tips for parents that can be applied in revision planning:

    * Prepare revision timetable for each subject separately.
    * It is better to break revision time in small parts like you can make an hour long session and thereafter a short break.
    * Before your child sit to study, check that he has all the study material around so that he does not waste his time in looking for things now and then and thus, not affecting his concentration.
    * You can compress notes onto postcards so that the child can have quick revision anytime.
    * You can get them new stationery, highlighters and pens to make their study more effective and interesting as well.
    * Do give attention what your child is revising by listening.
    * You can prepare practice paper for the child to know the level of preparation.

 In addition to the above mentioned tips, there is more you can do for your child in his exam preparation. 

    * The best way is to keep your child free of any kind of stress by keeping home life calm and joyful. It really works if other members of the family are also aware that the child is going through exam pressure and make allowances for that.

     * Try to be at home as much as possible during the exam preparation days of the child so that you are there to share a break with him and chat to keep him relax.

    * Keep healthy snacks in your refrigerator, and be sure that you are giving him healthy and nutritious food. You can encourage him to join family meal instead of having it alone in his room due to busy study schedule, thus he will get away from books and computer for a while.

     * Exercise is also very helpful in keeping exam preparation stress at bay. Encourage your child in indulging some exercise or you can have brisk walk together.

     * Avoid nagging with your child during exam; it will only cause distraction and make your child more stress.

     * A good sleep before an exam is highly important; so don’t let your child stay up late for study. Ensure that he has healthy and good breakfast on the morning of the examination.

 In the end, giving ‘bribe’ for studying well is strongly not recommended, rather you can offer him small treats as a means of encouragement lie a piece of cake or some cookies after a part of revision is done. Explain him that good result itself is the greatest reward for all the hard work he does. 

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