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Fun, surprising cost-saving home improvements
Sometimes the act of saving money just isn't fun enough on its own. Fortunately, you can make home improvements that will trim your utility bills and boost your home's appeal at the same time. Here are four fun home improvements that are surprisingly energy efficient as well

Don't be tricked out of money by the grandparent scam
Grandparents across the country are falling victim to a new and surprisingly effective scam: In what's known as the "grandparent scam," calls often come late in the night, and the callers are in a panic, saying that they're in an emergency situation, like a car accident or having been arrested. Posing as grandchildren, the con artists often beg their victims not to call their "parents," and ask them to transfer money as quickly as possible.

Exam Preparation Tips for Parents
No doubt, students have to put their best efforts during this the most important phase of academic year, but parents also have an important role to play. The key to success in exam is planning that applies to both parents and students. Parents can make an effective revision plan for their child and studying method so that they can make best use of their time without being tensed.

IAS Entrance preparation
IAS is the most reputed and sought after post in India. To get selected in such a highly reputed examination candidates give their sweat and blood. Selection in the IAS entrance examination implies high reputation, a fixed and one of the highest pay scales, high responsibilities and a very high social status. To be able to receive the above, one has to give his heart and soul to get the entrance exam clear.

Kites - a seriously boring movie
In short, director director Anurag Basu gives a seriously boring movie which is not helped by a storyline that is dug out from the canisters that were lost and forgotten back in the eighties. A movie about unrequited love in Las Vegas that lasts a bit too long for you to digest. Watch the movie if you want to see pretty Barbara Mori – she is beautiful.

Remember Me - Review
The movie Remember Me is actually a story of two families, each having lost a member of their family and how they find support in each other’s arms.The acting is average though Robert Pattinson gives his best.

Revital GFI - Online Reality Show
BIGADDA has started Revital Get Fit India, co-presented by Equal. Get Fit India, (also known as) GFI, is supposed to be the world's first fitness reality show on the web. It's similar to reality TV show The Biggest Looser.

Hot HDTV trends for 2010
A new study from Opinion Research Corporation found that nearly two-thirds of U.S. households now have a high-definition television (HDTV), and another 12 percent are looking to purchase one in the next two years. If the market plays out like this research suggests, by the year 2013 approximately three out of four American households will have upgraded to a flat-screen HDTV.

A wag is worth a thousand words
Ever get the feeling that your dog knows what you're thinking, without saying a word?  Many canine parents report that they've had an entire conversation with their dogs despite the obvious language many people can say that about their best friend or significant other?

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