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A wag is worth a thousand words
Ever get the feeling that your dog knows what you're thinking, without saying a word?  Many canine parents report that they've had an entire conversation with their dogs despite the obvious language many people can say that about their best friend or significant other?

Labrador Retriever
The Labrador Retriever, also known as Labrador or Lab is a type of gun dog and is considered as the most popular breed in the world. Labradors are relatively large dogs; the weight of male Labradors is typically 29–41 kg (65-90 pounds) while that of females is 25–32 kg (55–71 lb).

Do You Need Pet Insurance?
Though the term pet insurance seems right out of a glossy magazine or a celebrity book, you do not have to be like Paris Hilton or Brad Pitt to afford pet insurance. The costs of pet insurances are economic, logical and easy on the pocket.

Some Facts About Pugs
The pug in orange now Vodafone advertisement was quite famous. That adorable little dog made the advertisement and his breed more famous in India. Pugs are from the group of toy dog category. Pugs are playful, charming and sociable dogs. Here are some facts about pug

Great Dane - The Great Dog
Great Danes are said to be around for more than four hundred years. The first Great Dane sightings were in the fourth or fifth century. References to the Great Dane, more specifically as a hunting and a securing dog have been found in many mythologies like the Norse mythology.

Keep the Pet, Eliminate the Odor
There is nothing like the smell of wet dog in a hot car. For pet owners who love their pets, this is something that goes along with owning a dog who likes to swim, roll in puddles, or even just get wet from the rain. You just put up with it, right? You don’t have to. There is a solution.

How to Name a Cat
For some people, cats are almost equal to a new family member. They care for them as much as would they care for a child, parent or sibling. Needless to say, with such people, naming a pet cat is serious business.

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