The Death and The Little Girl

"Moni?", He asked to eight year old girl.

She looked at him.

"Do you know who I am?", He asked again.

She whispered,"No!"

He said, "I am the Death."

He was trying to look in the girl's eyes. But he could not find any fear.

"Do you know about my job?", he asked.

She said, "Yes!"

He sat near her on the bed. They both sat silently for awhile. He ruffled her hair and said, "I am here to take you with me to the new world."

She looked at him but did not say anything.

He asked,"Are you scared?"

She whispered, "No!"

He tapped on her hand and said,"Let's Go, Moni."

They both stood and walked away holding each other's hand.

Moni woke up with the noise of people in her room. She turned around and saw her mother sitting next to her twin sister Soni. Her mother was crying and Soni was motionless.

Her father said from other side, "Moni! Your sister died last night."

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The Death and The Little...

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