Pet Rescue Stories Teach Lessons of Hope and Determination

(ARA) -  Being put out with the trash on a chilly night, thrown from a moving car or nearly shot for no longer wanting to hunt; some pet rescue stories may seem too unbelievable to be real.  Even more astonishing are the remarkable recoveries made by these extraordinary pets from such thoughtless acts of neglect.

Thanks to the devotion of pet rescue organizations across the county, once abandoned pets are now rising above tragedy to do extraordinary things.  Whether it's achieving American Kennel Club titles after overcoming a life-threatening illness or training to be in a therapeutic environment for troubled youth and depressed adults after being abused by previous owners, these animals can overcome great odds.

The adventures of rescued pets have inspired the rescue community and animal lovers everywhere. Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue has gathered some of these amazing stories and recently launched the voting process to determine the grand prize winner in the “Doing More for Pets” Rescue Stories Contest. This nationwide campaign promotes the amazing but often untold stories of pet rescue and raises awareness about its importance.

“The images and stories of these pets are very heart-warming and compelling,” says pet lover Emily Procter, actress on CSI: Miami and West Wing and one of the representatives who participated in the review process. “I’m in awe of the unwavering spirit of these animals, and I’m honored to help share their incredible stories. As an owner of a rescued cat with his own extraordinary story, I really want these pets and the amazing people who rescued them to get the recognition they so truly deserve.”  

More than 100 rescue stories were submitted and a judging panel selected 10 success stories that genuinely touched their hearts. These stories demonstrated that by doing more and going the extra mile, these dedicated pet rescue workers changed the lives of 10 exceptional dogs and cats.  

Through September 30, 2007, these stories will be highlighted on Animal lovers are encouraged to visit the site and vote for the dog or cat they believe has made the most significant transformation. In October, the finalist with the most votes will be announced by Emily Procter as the winner of the Rally to Rescue “Doing More for Pets” Rescue Stories Contest. The pet rescue organization that nominated the winning pet will receive coupons for $5,000 in Purina Pro Plan brand Pet Food.    

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