Movie Review: Dhamaal

A few days ago, I was caught in a time capsule known by every avid film goer - too early for one show and too late for another. So, thank the multiplex which has a sensible movie placed at around half an hour after the first show. Of course, this acts as a second choice to the person who is stuck in the aforementioned time capsule.

I had watched Chak De India, Aag, and had come in to watch Heyy Baby, but I didn't have it available, so I opted for Dhamaal. Dhamaal seemed to be a small budget fun movie starring Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Ritesh Deshmukh, Ashish Chaudhary and Jaaved Jaffrey, and man... did I enjoy it.

This movie is a laugh riot from the start to the end. It is crisp and sharp, with a good storyline. A storyline as good as this acts as a perfect stage for some of the better gags seen in Indian movies in a long time.

The movie's story is good enough, with four out of work people finding out about ten crore rupees stashed away in picturesque Goa. They come in contact with a tough cop (Sanjay Dutt), who has no qualms about pocketing the entire ten crores.

And the fun starts.

Arshad Warshi has polished his comic timing, while Ritesh Deshmukh has decided to extend his greenspot in the comedy genre. Jaaved Jaffrey needs no introduction to comedy loving people. But of course, the surprise packet of the movie is Ashish Chaudhary. This young man matches all three veterans joke for joke, guffaw for guffaw and antic for antic. It is good to see that Chaudhary did not fall into the 'small screen' fever that many lesser known actors got hold of.

The movie may also have one of the very first scenes of spoofing in Indian film cinema. There is a scene when the gangster dies, and there is a bucket lying around, leaving you wonder exactly what is a bucket doing in a dense forest... and that's when the gangster dies and 'kicks the bucket'. Cute. A pleasant surprise. One day, maybe, we may have a Indian 'Scary Movie'.

Though the movie is laugh a second and highly entertaining, the climax is a bit non satisfactory. However, the entire movie is so good that a tame climax is a forgivable offense.

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