Chak De India: Shah Rukh's Two and a half Hours

Two and a half hours, I have two and a half hours.

I think, these may be the most important two and a half hours of mine in this film industry. Whether I act good or bad, the whole world will already be up in arms against me.

So, I won't think how to act. I will just think... that I have to act my level best in these two and a half hours.

Because, in the career after these two and a half hours, whether Karan Johar signs me up or not, whether Ram Gopal pays attention to me or not, or even if Ritesh Deshmukh becomes the next chocolate hero, nobody can snatch these two and a half hours from me. Nobody.

So, I thought, that I will not try to act like the SRK of DDLJ in this movie.I would rather act like Shah Rukh Khan of Fauji. Because I know, if I do not stammer at all in these two and a half hours, even Amitabh Bachchan will not be able to snatch these two and a half hours from me.

So, I have decided. I will snatch away my typecast from Yash Chopra, Karan Johar and every other producer and director, who has moulded me to be a chocolate hero.

Chak De India: Shah Rukh Ke Dhaai Ghante

dhai ghante, dhai ghante hein mere paas

shayad, is film industry mein mere sabse khaas dhai ghante.Aaj mein acha act karoon ya bura, puri duniya to waise bhi mujhe gaali dene wali hein.

To kaise act karna hein, yeh mein nahin sochunga.Bus itna hi karoonga, ke jao, aur is dhaai ghante mein jee bhar kar act karoonga.

Kyonke iske baad aane wale mere career mein, chahe mujhe Karan Johar picture mein le ye Ram Gopal Varma, mein king khan rahoon ya nahin, Ritesh Deskhmukh naya chocolate hero bane ya nahin, lekin yeh dhaai ghante mujhse koi nahin cheen sakta. Koi nahin.

To, meine socha ke.. is film mein kaise acting karne ke waqt mein yeh nahin sochunga ke mein DDLJ ka SRK hun, par Fauji ka Shahrukh Khan hoon. Act karke. kyonke mein janta hoon, ke agar is dhaai ghante mein mein agar na hakla ke act kar gaya, to phir yeh sattar minute mujhse Amitabh Bachchan bhi nahin chin sakta.

To chalo, chale aur Karan Johar se, Yash Chopra se, aur har us director aur producer se, jisne mujhe ek chocolate hero banake rakh diya, aur uspe paisa kamaya, unse mera typecast chin loon.

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