Globalization of Games

When I was young, I used to look longingly at the shiny foreign comics at the newsstands. At the newsstands, I stood at the entrance of a door, behind which my favorite characters resided and lived, the darkly adventurous Batman, the better than the best and good at it Superman, and the smart mouthed Spiderman.

I longed to go inside this world, but the entry fee was too high. The comic books were ridiculously high, and there was no way I would part with what little pocket money I had for some 52 glossy pages.

I am sure that most of the people reading this article would have felt this at some time or the other. We, the people of India, had never an economic chance to live with the Marvel and DC superheroes. We had to content with He Man and the syndicated Spiderman on Doordarshan.

However, this has changed today. Apart from the various franchise articles of these superheroes, there are computer games made on these characters available as well.

Though computer games starring superheroes were always available, ever since the time of Atari and Nintendo, I believe, there was not a single game which actually did justice to the characters, their storylines and finally, their concept.

Today, however, with the advent of complete 3D games, immersive graphics, lush environments, and spectacular computer effects, one can really live their character via computer games.

Spiderman has at least two games in his account, the Dark Knight has appeared in a flop game, while Superman is set to star in a hugely anticipated 3D computer game. The Hulk had its first game released some years back, and word is out that they are having a sequel as well.

The favorites of game making companies, and mine too, have always been the X Men, and thankfully, there have been a couple of games having them as stars.

Superhero games have their own flaws. One of them is the makers don’t exactly go into the story line or the character generation while making games. It is the character merchandise they are more inclined and interested in, not the satisfaction of games.

A perfect example of this lethargy of superhero – game making companies is Batman. The game had a ridiculous control panel – the game makers were too lazy to even change the controls from the Play station to the PC.

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