Cult Movie: Satya

The big hearted crook, the thief who was never caught, the young kid who took up a life of crime, punished the evil doers, went to prison for a stint and then came back to a loving family - all these characters took a beating when Ram Gopal Varma came up with his mirror to the crime industry - Satya.

Satya was a wake up call for all those college 'uns who still really thought that getting into crime was a easy thing to do, and easier was it to go back to a normal life. It was a wake up call to all mothers who did not bother where their son was till two in the night, and it was a wake up call for the brothers who did not think much of their sisters spending late nights outside.

The movie starred Chakravarthy, quite a reasonable name down in Tollywood (the south film industry), and also introduced the world to Bhiku Mhatre - Manoj Bajpai. The main USP of the movie was that real life characters, from what is the Mumbai middle class were portrayed well by talented actors, thereby making the story much more realistic and believable.

The movie has won several awards and is considered to be another cult movie from Ram Gopal Varma. They are:
* Filmfare Best Actor (Critics) - Manoj Bajpai
* Filmfare Best Actress (Critics) - Shefali Shah
* Filmfare Critics Award for Best Movie - Ram Gopal Verma
* Filmfare Best Editing Award - Apurva Asrani and Bhanu Daya
* Star Screen Award Best Screenplay - Anurag Kasyap
* Star Screen Award Best Supporting Actor - Manoj Bajpai
* Zee Cine Award Best Actor in a Supporting Role- Male - Manoj Bajpai

Needless to say, the movie has had a lot of spin offs, and there were quite a few movies about the underworld after Satya. Also needless to say, none of the made a mark on the box office, except Vaastav, which was another cult movie in itself.

Popularity: 1145

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