Blood, Gore and Reality: The Punisher

Superheroes and comics have targeted teens and pre-teens for a long time. In fact, the basic concept of superheroes for a long time was to defeat and destroy the villain's antic and not the villain himself. Sooner or later, many adults who were avid followers of comics and superheroes grew tired of this ethical war superheroes fought against villains, moreso with the target market of comic books and superheroes increasing until even men started reading them.

So, there was a need of a real person, whom these men would relate with. Of course, one of the basic requirements were that this guy should be a normal guy next door whose life had been ripped apart by something bad... didn't need to look too far for it... organized crime was right at the next bend.

This gave birth to The Punisher, a person whose family was killed in a mob war, and forcing him to become one of the most violent crime fighters around. One basic thing that kept the Punisher apart from other superheroes was that he didnt bat an eye before torturing or killing his enemies. So, basically, where Spider Man would have sleepless nights if someone died at his hands, even if he was a villain, this guy actually slept peacefully after a hard day's or night's work.

So now, think about this. How would a game made on this character work? Would it work? Would it change the way people saw Superheroes and Superhero games? Well, remember, the most violent Spider Man got in some of his games was to kick people off tall buildings, and those too were technical glitches.

Well, trust Marvel to make something good better. After they tried their hands at Dungeon Crawlers with the X Men games, they tried their hand at TPS and over-the-shoulder game. And the result is astounding.

The Punisher (2005) is an out and out action game, with a fairly tight script, loads of replay possibilities and of course good gameplay and graphics. It is one of the few games available where you can see the Marvel Character and Characters up close and personal.

One special concept of the Punisher is the torture action, where the Punisher has to take information from cronies and bosses of the crime world. Well, this concept isn't just window dressing, the outcome of the game depends on this interrogation sessions. If the Punisher doesn't do it right, he gains bad points and loses good points.

All in all, the game is a must play for all Marvel or Superhero game fans.

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