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Ram Gopal Verma is a very different director and producer than many others in the film industry. While his movies have always been anticipated, they have always been somewhat of a gamble, and maybe that's what makes him tick. He isn't a Yash Chopra or a Karan Johar whose movies are bound to be 'best thing to have happened to Bollywood'. Maybe its his ups and downs which really endears him to the real media person, the real creative intellectual who waits with a bated breath, whether it be his 'Raat' or his 'Sarkar'.

And are these people rewarded? They sure are.

'Sarkar', starring Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and what are said to be a benchmark in their acting careers, was loosely based on many real and fictional situations and characters. The movie had a striking resemblance to the life of times of a politician in Mumbai, while some of the situations in the movie were directly taken from the 'Godfather'.

The movie had Amitabh Bachchan take on the role of 'Sarkar', a local rich do gooder who has a big following with the common man, and is therefore seen a ruffian by some and a saint by others. The people who complete the story and the cast are his two sons, KK and Abhishek Bachchan.

Some common situations of the movie are the hot headed elder son, and the final thing that leads to Sarkar's downfall drugs.

It is difficult to say who acted the best in the movie. It can be safely said that all three main characters were at their performance best levels during the time the movie was made. But we can say that Abhishek Bachchan achieved his full form only with Sarkar.

Also, in a time when all gangster movies were 'just another gangster movie with an item song', Sarkar once again dedicated itself towards portraying the dirt and grime of a corrupt political structure below the white washed image.

A sequel to the movie 'Sarkar' has already been planned and is on the floor.

Popularity: 1590

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