Om Shanti Om: Breaking The Fourth Wall Nicely

Factual inaccuracies, over-the-top acting, and logical loopholes, all that and more, but even then, Om Shanti Om is like that rascal whom everyone doesn't like but still enjoys spending time with.

Maybe the movie with the biggest hype, the 'only-SRK' starrer Om Shanti Om has actually swept india off its feet and has confirmed Shah Rukh Khan to be the one and only King Khan of Bollywood, along with Chak De India.

If you have not been living under a rock since the past months, you will know what the storyline of the movie is, so I will not waste your precious time describing it. This article is about the logical inaccuracies that the movie is all about.

As soon as you get comfortable with Shah Rukh Khan, Shreyas Talpade and Kirron Kher catering to your past likes and dislikes, you see some inaccuracies about the seventies that are just hard to digest in such big a movie:
I wonder if there was anything known as a security agency in the seventies, where they had people wearing light blue shirts and dark blue trousers with those police-man caps. As far as I have seen the movies of the seventies, hair straighteners were just a fantasy in India. And even if they were around, a normal spot boy and studio hand would not be able to afford it anyway. So, watch out for that clipboard wielding person who has straight hair. Another thing that I actually missed were some more references to bell bottoms, and though there was only one reference to the much touted red comb, they could have created magic with the same.

Apart from these inaccuracies, here are some things that I did not like about the movie:
Why is Shah Rukh Khan made to bleed when he is fighting with only two people and does not even pull a punch basically? Is it because his baby face looks cute when he's bleeding? Deepika Padukone looks good, but I think they deliberately wanted to under-use her, and women who have lived in the seventies actually told me that her physical structure is nothing like the actresses of the seventies. Its another matter that she was absolutely athletic in the 'Kaise Song'

The basic logical loophole is this:
When all the good guys decide to hoodwink the bad guy, who all are in the plan? The entire cast and crew, apart from the main villain? How does SRK convince this entire group of people, by giving them a dimpled smile?

Also, at the climax, when Mukesh is beaten over by the chandelier, how is he only left there for the climax to happen?!

Everyone must be thinking that I did not like the movie, but to be very frank, I did. I adored it. It was one of the few movies which breaks the fourth wall all through the movie and actually makes us realize that the film industry is a business run by individuals, some commercial minded and some not.

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