Ms. Unbelievable Meets Mr. Unbearable - Jab We Met

When I heard the 'OOOh..' from the seats behind as Shahid Kapoor's face engrossed the entire 70 MM in front of me, I should have known what I was in for. This was a cute movie - I will not denigrate the market for which such movies are made, but I can tell you, these movies are not for me.

Now that I am home and still wondering what made me go for the movie, I can sit back and retrospect, and find the person whom told me to watch the movie once - so that I can have him sit and Karishma Kapoor's 'Why' scene from Dil To Pagal Hein, a thousand times, without the pop corn.

I think I should also thank the editor of this website, for not paying me for writing reviews of movies on Skimmers Nook. It is of course a well known fact that most - not all - reviewers are paid to write a review for movies, make it good, highlight the good stuff, even if it is just the extra cleavage showing item song in the movie.

So, coming down to the movie, Jab We Met tells the story (however inane, inexplicable and unbelievable - you will be reading this word quite a few times in this review - it is) of Geet, a stupid (some will call her cute - and that is a term I cannot debate with) young girl who believes in 'live life for the moment, live your dreams, enjoy life till its there, and all that jazz) and Aditya Kashyap, a guy who is on a downer and has just decided to leave his car and cellphone by the sideway and walk.

Now, of course, it is predictable that these two will meet, there will be some clashes, there will be some anger, patch up, and eventually they will fall in love. End of Story.

Surprised that they still made this movie? For those who came in late, the main characters of this movie are a pair for real and just recently broke up.

So, there should be something novel in the movie, something new? Of course, the level of stupidity in Geet. Why, in hell, will a young girl run down from a train taking her across states clad in a t shirt and a lehenga to tell a guy who has not been talking to her at all during the journey that he will miss the train?

Oh of course, she clings on to Aditya who takes her to her hometown Bhatinda and the family invites him to stay with them for a while. Then Geet once again decides to run away from home, with Aditya in tow, because her parents have decided to get her married.

Well, we later see that Geet has not even told her beau that she's leaving home and hearth for him. Which of course, sees her in a lot of problems for some time.

You must have noticed that I haven't spoken at Aditya as yet. Well, there is a reason for that. He isn't a character in the movie at all. He is just a supporting character for Kareena Kapoor to be that exciting, devil may care, fun loving gal everyone wants to be or be friends with.

There is of course, a barrage of stupidity in the movie. There is a scene where Geet and Aditya have to stay a night in a very seedy hotel. Now, granted that all girls do not know what happens in these seedy hotels and may tell the receptionist to charge the room by the hour - but which girl living all her life in a hostel wouldn't know what happens in a seedy hotel? We are of course, introduced to Geet as a woman who has lived all her lives in a hostel. I think the director of the movie should meet some gals who have lived in hostels all their lives. Dude... these girls are smarter than we are nowadays.

All in all, I wasted money on a predictable, inane comedy which was supposed to make Kareena Kapoor to next big thing or something, with able support from her ex-boyfriend Shahid Kapoor. I liked the 'Jab We Mate' kissing movie they made better.

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